Who is Michael Burgess & Why
should he be Mayor?

Michael Burgess is standing for Mayor Prosperity – Jobs - Lifestyle

I am standing because during my long association with the Coast I have witnessed what I believe to be a spirit of exploitation increasingly present here.  

I feel I am particularly qualified to take the Coast in the right direction. My wife and I began a business with a few thousand dollars and built it into a multi-outlet national chain employing over 200 people

And I studied mathematics at university

Being a business person defines you as an optimist & knowing numbers makes you skeptical

So I may be the ideal mayor; an “Optimistic Guy with a Skeptical Eye”

I intend to represent the whole of the region in achieving the best combination of lifestyle, environmental regeneration and economic prosperity.

It should be remembered we cannot preserve our lifestyle or regenerate our environment without the prosperity to support long term jobs sympathetic to that lifestyle and environment 

We can not have prosperity unless we include all the region & its people in our economic revival, we must turn those who are constructing houses for people without jobs to building productive long term job producing industry & trade facilities 

We must response to the challenges of an increasing population and changing circumstances thrust upon us with new initiatives that will ensure a prosperous economy affords protection to our lifestyle and environment   

The vast space between the shoreline and the hinterland is such a unique place it’s a gift the community should treasure, preserve and turn to the enjoyment and benefit of the whole community as well as offering to the world an example of proper community development.

We need to create jobs and apprenticeships in:

Ø renewable energy industries,

Ø waste resource industry, and

Ø intensive horticulture

We also must create:

v training institutes in trades and urban agriculture, and

v tourist industry based on eco-experiences of all kinds

As Mayor I will push for the establishment of a Citizen Committee, composed of various community groups and other stakeholders. This will enable the community to request the presence of various local council executives and elected officials to engage with them in an open forum for information exchange.

The Community should no longer tolerate being kept in the dark, that the government tells us only it knows best

I believe my job will be to bring together a room full of the smartest people to deal with the issues we face, to allow this place to grasp its opportunity to be the best place in the world to live and preserve its space, its lifestyle, its environment and its economy.

I first fell in love with the Sunshine Coast in the mid-80s

So my affair with it is long standing & I have seen most of the changes that are increasingly impacting on the environment & lifestyle of the Coast

I have witnessed with growing concern how this region is being robbed of its assets in order to provide a few, a very, very few with enormous unearned profits

While local small businesses suffer from the rapidly declining disposable income
of the local families with a consequential downward trend in employment

Why Michael Burgess?
He’s the Best person for the Job

“I feel I am particularly qualified to take the Coast in the right direction

I studied mathematics at university & I know when the numbers aren’t right

And those used by the council, just don’t add up

My wife & I began a business with a few thousand dollars & built it into a multi outlet national chain of DVD stores & wholesale movie distributor turning over millions every year

Only optimists succeed in business, cause its hard to confront every day all the obstacles that get thrown up to make life a little more difficult.

The principle that guarantees success business is persistance, this is the same principle that ensures good government

My career in business taught me that there is a big difference between proper management & that practiced by those who just want to spend other’s people money, then ask for more “other people’s” money to spend

That there is a big difference in the way people use numbers to impress people & the way management should use numbers to understand the issues our region is facing & how to find the best options & solutions for the community

To own & manage businesses that employed over 200 people gave me the most expensive education you can receive in ensuring that my understanding of best practice management is well grounded

That I understand the difference between soundly based ideas & pie in the sky dead end projects, that consume vast amounts of ratepayers’ cash with no return or exit strategy

A salesman may use numbers of his choice to make his product look good, but a proper manager drills down into the real numbers to understand what must be done

There are too many flim flam salesmen at the council & too few real managers, willing to look at the real picture

Lack of Experience
Some say I lack experience in government, but when we look at the mess governments & particularly our current council is making of managing our region

We must wonder whether lack of experience in spending other people’s money, isn’t the best qualification of all

That understanding the value of other people’s money may be more important than knowing how to conduct a secret meeting

I have numbers in my head & business intuition in my belly, this combination detects bad ideas & bad reasoning like razor shape radar

We must create jobs for builders, electricians, in fact, for all tradies, within a revitualised renewable energy industry & within other productive exporting businesses that lead to long term good jobs with higher rates of pay than those paid by property speculators

We must create exciting new export industries that will draw wealth into the region, not extract it for the benefit of short term out-of-region investors

And it is the 31,000 small businesses, which are the lifeblood of the local economy. It is they who provide & will provide the majority local jobs

It is not the property speculators with their short gigs on their short-term projects, who will ensure our region will a future filled with economic vitality

The dominant theme of this election must be opportunities 

Whether we take what may be the last opportunity to choose between past ideas that development should favour only the few or seize the opportunities that will serve this community well in the future

We are being squeezed between rising unemployment, falling household income & the loss of the community’s assets needed to underpin our futre growth & preservation of our lifestyle 

And it this disappearance of opportunity that prompted Michael to stand

Why? He is concerned that if the direction of Development isn’t changed from “property development” to Proper Development

The Coast will be an overbuilt version of somewhere else losing its lifestyle & natural attractiveness for both Locals & visitors

Michael has for the last four years conducted an intensive campaign through the FaceBook group Sunshine Coast – Local Government Oversight Committee
to promote the idea that our unique region requires & has the opportunity for unique solutions to preserve its lifestyle while creating great prosperity & long-term jobs

There is not long-term jobs or economic stability in a continuous series of property & estate developments that at the bottom line extract wealth for the benefit of a few & harm the lifestyle of the local community for the benefit of these few “developers”

Our Region needs to create an economic environment in which people can easily find jobs of their liking in long term sustainable industries

This also means there is sufficient resilient in local jobs to ensure those in the construction industry to find employment outside the existing building industry

Outline of Early Actions to be consider by the New Council

TaskForce to Establish Economic Future Plan

Reduce Cost of Council  

Develop Options for Traffic & Parking Solutions

Consider existing “Projects” & how to reconfigure for Better Community Outcomes

Establish a Citizen Review Committee

Recover Money Invested in Stalled Projects 

Deal with the effects of “OverTourism” & the cap it is putting on this industry

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