Soil – The Real Stuff not composted woodchip dosed with blood & bone to give you just a few months of fertility
Our’s weighs 3 times normal commercial stuff With heavy nutrient load & great “body”, has Regenerative fertility
We boost it with our exclusive “Black Magic” Compost in a Bottle Fermented Worm Juice & blend in extra nutrients
………. Gardens – Pots – Lawns – Top Dressing
Beneficial Bacteria rich Worm Juice is enriched with Nutrients by being fermented for two weeks with manures, rock dust, charcoal & wood ash as well as recycled coffee grounds
We DELIVER to your door & bulk quantities available
Michael 0418 970 936 –

We produce a very much darker worm juice than most, we then ferment this with rock dust, manures, marine elements, coffee grounds plus charcoal & wood ash.
That gives a powerful, bubbling soil additive, the best product you can buy to make your garden happy
Gets the right balance of nutrients & beneficial bacteria in your garden
Worm Juice contains the Beneficial Bacteria that is the other “half” of gardening often missing.

The bacteria increases the efficient of the use of nutrients by plants by seeking out the plant food spread throughout the soil surrounding the plant roots & carry them back to be absorbed by the roots

This ensures more of the nutrients already in the soil or added to it are used. Greatly increase the growth rate & flowering of plants as well as making them more vigorous, so resistant to pests & disease, as well it makes gardening more sustainable with less inputs needed
Support our Ethical Range of Recycling products
LOCALLY made, from LOCALLY sourced recycled materials, produced by LOCALLY based people, using LOCALLY collected ingredients
“Compost in a Bottle” Black Magic Worm JUICE Fertiliser
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