The Failure of the Maroochy CBD & What to Do about it!

The Failing CBD & What can be done about it

The council inbuilt the mechanism which will cause the Maroochydore CBD to be an ultimate failure whether that is now or in the 20-year future they have promised will see its ultimate success

In basing the whole project on their own inflated Spin Doctored speak & “best case” business case, they defied the tried, tested & always adhered to the fundamental underpinning of any development small or large

Get an anchor tenant or buyer before you lay a brick or spend a dollar

Because the council failed to consult the market before setting sail on this massive undertaking that involves $100s of millions of the ratepayers dollars, it had no indication whether the private developers it required to fill in the space it was creating would find any interest from the anchor buyers or tenants they needed before they would commit to building office towers on the ground prepared for them by the ratepayers

Since the 15,000 jobs that were to be created within the CBD were close to guesses based on an assumption, these developers could find no company on or off the Coast interested in committing to occupying offices

So no occupiers no towers. No matter how the council dresses it up this is the outcome now & it will be the same in 20 years

There are not sufficient office-oriented businesses on the Coast to prompt developers to build towers for them

Many recent “office” business set-ups here have preferred to locate out of the CBD, like Kilcoy Global at Birtynia or Huddle Insurance at Warana. They like it because space is cheaper, parking easier & traffic less snarled

In fact, this is another reason the CBD will keep failing for the next 20 years it is centralizing a mass of traffic congesting operation into a small zone, a thing contrary to good sense & modern thinking> By putting the main retail, entertainment, commercial & business precincts all in the one location it has ensured that gridlock will be inevitable & parking impossible

Why Did it Happen
Unfortunately, an organization can become dominated by either an individual or a collective think, that perpetuates its truth by constant “positive” talk within the group, but never seeks or receives a reality check from outside. This drive the organization in the first determined direction regardless of how far with moves away from reality or what evidence becomes obvious that the way it headed is wrong

This is particularly dangerous when bringing something to market without ever asking the market if its something it wants. The idea that we know what it should want because that what we want it to want is a difficult project to bring about

A proper and normal developer envisioning the start of the CBD would first find a few developers willing to take up allotments in keeping with the terms of the project. The number would be sufficient to ensure that the whole development was sold out or enough to break even

Some will say that it was intended that the project be filled over many years

A proper paradigm if it began without full backing from future customers, would also be stopped once the developer got an idea what he was building wasn’t attractive to the market he was building it for. Their option is then to redesign the project, put it on the shelve until the market was ready for it or change the market it was aimed at

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Authorised by Michael Burgess Jersey Place, Parrearra.

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