Voting Information

A great deal of useful information about the March 28 Local Election is available from the Queensland Electoral Office

Local Electoral Boundaries

Check your enrolment or enrol

Check your enrolment, enrol to vote or update your details on the Australian Electoral Commission website. This has information on issues such as hose below

No fixed address

Overseas electors

Special postal voters

People with privacy concerns.

Once you’ve enrolled, your name and address will be added to the electoral roll.

A copy of the Queensland electoral roll is available for public inspection at the Electoral Commission Queensland office. The AEC can arrange access to the Commonwealth electoral roll.

Australian Electoral Office (AEC)
Lots of useful information here & also this is where to enroll or change your details

Queensland Division Offices of the AEC

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You can also contact Michael’s Campaign office with questions

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In the Daily article seems like Connolly worked "for" Michael Whittaker

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