Its Simple, you can not Protect
your Lifestyle & your Environment
without a Prosperous Economy

Without Small & Medium Local Business
You can not have Prosperity & Employment

I need support from local business in this election & promise support for local business after the election. Only this mutual support will guarantee future prosperity for our region

My sucessful career in business means I have the strong background in the skills needed to turn around the massive debt load the council has accumulated over the past four years

Our local economy is struggling, because the Local Government policies have concentrated on encouraging & instituting measures that foster the increasing emphasis on large property development & these have direct negative impacts on local businesses

This has resulted in our regional economy suffering a severe drain of cash as we import increasingly large amounts & export less

Statistics indicate the average local household income has remained almost the same for the past 8 years, in fact, it has dropped slightly from

At the same time prices have increased 15.55%

Effectively households on the Coast have $16,000
less to spend than they did in 2012

But with all the price increases experienced in the last 8 years effective local consumers disposable income has dived & it is this dwindling amount of cash that all local business is dependent upon

This declining trend is robbing local business of its vitality & ability to be the provider of the vast majority of local jobs. There are 32,000 or so small & medium local businesses, there are 149,000 local jobs

Its not hard to see without a vibrant local business environment, we wont have a stable & growing employment market in a prosperous and thriving community, with a lifestyle the envy of the world, in an environment protected from exploitation

We need an economy that is more than a balance between exploitation & preservation

We one which feeds the Lifestyle & regenerate the Environment

We can not win the election
without the help of local business

Your contact with your Customers is an invaluable influence for the better, without this the local economic agenda will become dominated by what is good for those extracting wealth from the community
& not what is good for the people or the business of the Coast. Help there is a future for thos here now & their kids & their kid’s kids

Without better management of our Development
local business will not find the environment
in which it can prosper

I know it is unusual in Australian elections, but we do need donations to support our campaign. We are battling against those well financed by groups determined to keep the “gravy train” of their self-interest running

No amount of money is a Small Amount
please give what you can
Every bit will be greatly appreciated
every cents will be spent
to achieve a better future for the Coast

Michael Burgess is a pragmatic businessman, who has owned & managed successful businesses employing up to 200 staff. He understands the needs of small business & the great demands it puts on the owners

He also knows without it the local economy will never prosper

Michael Burgess is standing for Mayor because the unreasonableness of the current council in responding to community concerns & needs is so entrenched that there is no option but to replace all the existing administration

This region has a unique opportunity to establish itself in a Unique position in the World

One that will be the envy of many around the world

 But if the trends caused by the current Local Government
continues we will be on a path that has failed to adjust to deal with the fundamental issues facing our economy & our community

It has failed to acknowledge the importance of local business as the most vital pillar of the local economy

Please go to our website, have a look at our policy ideas, make suggestions

Our pages & groups on FaceBook plus other Social Media

have consistent pushed for a re-focusing away from the needs of large developers to a creation on an economy oriented to ensure that money stays longer in & circulates more among local businesses 

And it is upon this income that all local business relies, which gets whats left after all the groceries are brought, their petrol, utilities costs set aside, paid the school fees, made the house & car payments, stocked up on liquor & cigarettes  

Michael Burgess is standing for Mayor because Local Government policy has to be turned around to focus more on fostering the growth of well paying, good, long term jobs because only then will Local Business have the security of increasing disposable income   

Local Businesses, of which it is said there are 36.000, are the principal employers in the region, but without a stable business environment for them to operate in it is a struggle for many to survive & the necessary expansion to create the future jobs needed almost impossible

Employment could well put under pressure which turn reflects back on local business

But if he is given the opportunity Michael Burgess has a multi-facetted plan

There is Over Approval of Franchised Fast Food Outlets

Economic Taskforce

To design a new direction in which to take the Coast’s economic development

The bottom line in the Coast’s future economic growth is the health of local business without that there is no foundation to guarantee future jobs & prosperity

Chasing big business has all around the world proved to expensive & not a job producing as it has projected to be. There is enormous downward pressure of jobs in big business, profits are escalated by shedding staff

Michael Burgess who is he?

I grew up in the tough outer Sydney suburbs in Housing Commission public housing, as it was then called, typical working class family of the time with one working parent & the basics of life were what we had & appreciated Started work as a paper boy when I was about 13 & have worked ever since How I am writing this today is due to those lucky chances that come along, I got into a selective public or state school so got a better education than my circumstances would normally have allowed These life experiences has taught me a number of important lessons One thing that is a core belief is education is the real “Game Changer” for everyone & everyone is entitled to get assess to the best they need Another is that everyone should have the opportunity for really affordable housing that won’t break the backs of people life’s work for 20 or so years just to provide shelter I spent more years than I should have as an entrepreneurial business person, business is in my blood But surprisingly my experience in business showed me there is every reason why councils shouldn’t be “in business” & I can find none for why they should be The first and clearly most important is that business people work whatever hours they have to to ensure the success of their ventures, the low commitment many councilors & senior executive staff have to their responsibilities would in private industry almost guarantee failure Small & medium sized business owners would find 12 or more hour days 7 days a week not abnormal Some councilors find it difficult to attend even their once a month meeting & be prepared for it, if for no other reason than this councils simply don’t have the capacity to expand out into “business” The amount of material that appears to be approved by council that they simply don’t ready & vote more or less on the recommendation of the appropriate council officer Their senior staff & the councilors themselves simply don’t have the dedication to ensure everything goes right & all the “I” are dotted Business people are constantly monitor a huge number of things they need to go right, councils seem to hand out responsibility with little supervision of what happens after that Councils were designed to be very limited organisation formed to provide basic collective services needed by the communities that established them They were never suppose to be involved in activities that required the same level of involvement to navigate thru “risk-taking” business Unfortunately, a couple of laws introduced to aid communities to recover from catastrophic natural disasters had the unintended consequence of allowing councils to expand in very risky business enterprises unrestrained by the normal checks & balances real enterprise companies operate within Beyond the arena of policking, I am truly offended by the lack of respect shown to ratepayers & also the lack of care taken with their money The often repeated mantra of this current crew occupying the council chamber that the ratepayers wouldn’t have this project or that bit of infrastructure if it wasn’t for them Shows this lack of respect & care. Firstly, everything down to the last nail,has been paid for by the ratepayers, not by the councilors, the senior execs or their sponsors Secondly, all these things have a value, if they cost us twice or three time or ven four times what they are worth, it would have been better if we never saw or heard of them.

Authorised by Michael Burgess 11 Jersey Place, Parrearra

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Authorised by Michael Burgess Jersey Place, Parrearra.

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